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Behind the Scenes: A Student Reporter’s Experience

A Journalism Perspective at The Orlando Magic Game
Wyatt Veronee
View from the top of the Orlando Magic game


On December 1st I had the opportunity to cover an Orlando Magic game. As a student reporter, this was my golden ticket — my chance to dive headfirst into the thrilling world of sports journalism. Little did I know that this would be more than just an assignment; it would be an immersive journey into the excitement of the NBA, an experience that would forever alter my perspective on the game, reporting and the magic that happens when opportunity knocks.

The night before the game, I packed my gear and got everything ready. I spent time researching team statistics and identifying key elements to watch out for during the game. 

I walked through the back of the Amway Center, via the media entrance, at 4:30p.m. Passing through security, I met the Communications Specialist, Louis Axel. After exchanging greetings, I collected my credentials. Axel then gave me a tour of the facility, during which we discussed where he went to school, how he landed his current job and he showed me the media workroom and media dining area. Finally, he took me up to the loge seating where I would be shooting during the game. From that point on, I was on my own.

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Anthony Gillard, #16, Power Forward, Washington Wizards (Wyatt Veronee)

I grab my cameras and head from the 4th floor, the event floor, making my way to the court. Once there, I began testing out my lighting and white balance. After setting everything up, I start capturing warm-up photos, managing to snap a great shot of number 16.

Along with photos, I record a few videos for social media. Before the game began, I took a moment to grab something to eat. While sitting at a table, a Magic media member noticed my shirt and introduced himself as Wyatt as well.

We struck up a conversation about how he entered the industry and discussed his role. Time flies, and before I know it, it’s 6:30. I head up to the loge seating, upload some pictures I’ve taken and post them to Instagram.

The arena began to buzz with anticipation as the game unfolds. The Washington Wizards struck first, securing the initial point with a skillful layup by number 8, Deni Avdija. 

The Orlando Magic responded promptly, showcasing their offensive prowess with number 5, Paolo Banchero, making a significant contribution to the scoreboard. The energy in the arena intensifies as number 7, Joe Ingles, takes center stage, sinking two impressive three-pointers in quick succession. The crowd erupted in cheers, adding to the electric atmosphere. Ingles’ sharpshooting not only demonstrates individual skill but also contributes significantly to the Magic’s performance during this game. 

As the match progresses, the Magic’s momentum becomes palpable, reflecting their stellar form throughout the season. This game marks a remarkable achievement for the team, securing their ninth consecutive win. The players’ teamwork, strategic plays, and individual performances come together to create a memorable evening for fans and a milestone for the Magic. 

The final buzzer echoes through the arena, concluding a thrilling contest. The scoreboard reads 125-130 in favor of the Orlando Magic. The crowd’s cheers and the players’ celebratory gestures encapsulate the excitement and triumph that characterize this victorious night for the Magic, a testament to their dedication, skill, and the collective spirit that defines their winning streak this season.

After the game, I rushed down to the press conference room, eager to gain insights from Coach Mosley about the game. As I settled in, I listened intently to Coach Mosley’s reflections on the game. He emphasized the team’s need to reinforce their rim protection and defend without committing fouls. While acknowledging the win, Coach Mosley highlights the imperfections in their defensive performance. 


During the press conference, Coach Mosley underscores the team’s ongoing growth, but stressed the importance of diversifying their winning strategies. Although I didn’t actively participate in the press conference, I played the role of a keen observer, noting not just the coach’s responses, but also paying attention to how reporters frame their questions. 

This experience became a valuable lesson in the art of sports journalism, offering insights into the dynamics of post-game analysis and the nuances of crafting questions to extract meaningful responses.

My day as a student reporter at the Orlando Magic game was more than a journalistic assignment; it was a passage into the heart of the sports world. I would like to extend a huge thank you to the Orlando Magic’s communications team for providing me with this invaluable experience. The memories forged in the press box, on the sidelines, and in the post-game press conference will forever shape my perspective on sports reporting, leaving me with a newfound appreciation for the magic that happens when opportunity knocks, and a passionate student reporter is there to capture it all.

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About the Contributor
Wyatt Veronee
Wyatt Veronee, Yearbook Staff
Wyatt Veronee is a sophomore at West Orange and serves as a representative for student life on the West Orange yearbook team. He has been photographing sports since his freshman year. This is Wyatt's first year on the yearbook, and he adores the photography aspect of journalism. In his free time, he enjoys hanging out with friends and going to the beach.
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